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Human First INC, they are so called Human rights group.Not so when their workers leave notes at my door and bothers me, acting like they are some sort of officers of the law.

Their job is so boring that their workers thinks they are all that big. Avoid these people.

I had noise issue with tenant living above me and that tenant basically hired these fools to do their job by banging and kicking my door to open it so they can tell me how useless they are?

They had no reason to knock my door.If you got a problem with me call the police smart guy wanna bees.

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Amature employees Of Human First, Inc NYC

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Immature/Unprofessional Employees Of Human First, Inc NYC. Watch out for these people who likes to take matters into their own hand. They do not understand how and where law applies. I come to this conclusion due to the fact, I've spoke to two different employees who treats you like you're looking for fight and starts argument just because I've complained about how unprofessional one of their staff is. I didn't accuse their whole company first, but when asked to speak to her supervisor she turned out to be another out of control being accusing me on every sentence I spoke.

Problem was they wrote a message on a torn piece of paper claiming I've disturbed some one else's peace. She knocks the door but when I say who are you , she won't answer. Later I find the note which says I neglected to open the door. "NEGLECT" ? How does the word applies in this case when she doesn't work for law enforcement, on top of that won't identify herself. I've the right to a privacy at my own home which they don't understand apparently and calls it a "neglect".

(There are more to the story but which is not their concern) . Of course I've my defense (they don't want to hear about) . I clearly told her "if you think I've violated a law you call the police, not harass me with constant knocking on my door". Lady straight up said "you do what you want, I don't care"! (Best way to face the truth ehh?)

Won't give out their names but for note, both ladies had thick Latino accent.

I can't imagine how poorly they treats their clients.

Good luck and peace to all.



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